Will I ever be happy again ?

Updated: Sep 3

Well the quick answer to this question is Yes! When my long term relationship went down the pan, I’d been with the guy for 17 years, most of my adult life and I found it impossible to believe that I would be happy again, I just didn’t think I could because there was no way I would ever get over this, I would never get over him or feel better…. But you do, you do get over someone no matter how long you were with them or how much you loved them and you DO move on, the only thing stopping it happening is you…

One day I woke up and I realised that I hadn’t been out and seen anyone in days, I wasn’t looking after myself, and it wasn’t my ex that was doing those things to me, it was me. I’d had enough, I’d had enough of feeling low and miserable and barely functioning and decided enough was enough. I took a shower (to be honest that had been a while), washed and styled my hair, did my make up, got dressed in clean and nice clothes, got in the car and went out… this was a big deal for me because I wanted to just stay in my house and never see the world again but once I was out I actually started to feel better. I did some shopping and talked to people like a NORMAL person, it had been a while since I’d felt normal and no one treated me like I was unwanted or unloved, which is how I’d been feeling, they treated me like a happy, nice, attractive, individual…. There was a time, before my ex, that I was a happy go lucky, fun person to be with, men used to ask me out and I dated and had fun. That was all before my ex, before I even knew he existed and that was who I was, that is STILL who I am. My extra years have made me wiser, taught me more about people and made me able to spot the players more and taught me more than I ever thought I’d learn about myself, but inside I’m still me, I just needed to bring it to the surface again…

So the long winded answer to the question, Will I ever be happy again is Yes, you will. You were happy once before, when the ex didn’t exist and you will be happy again, your happiness is not dependant on another person, the only person it is dependant on is you… When you are ready to begin to heal come into my Facebook Group, you will get support, tips and training to Heal and Transform….

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